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Keep The Edge sports center in mind if you're looking for soccer training.

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SCSL Spring Game Schedule and Season Start
The draft spring schedule is posted.  This is the first schedule from the county which came in over the weekend and is subject to revisions.  Our recommendation is to honor it for this weekend but check back through the first part of the season in case it changes.

For this first week of April we find the fields wetter then usual. The melting snow and subsequent soaking rains this past weekend make sessions for this week and weekend questionable. For now the fields are closed and determinations will be made later in the week for late week/weekend activities. 

Fall 2014 Travel Tryouts

Travel Team Tryouts

4pm – 6pm Friday April 25, East Amwell School

South County Soccer League currently runs 3 successful travel teams, for both boys and girls, and is looking to expand the travel program for next season.

All teams are managed by parents who have a coaching certification with NJ Youth Soccer Association, while SCSL employ professional trainers to teach fundamental skills.

Our teams are very competitive in the Mid-NJ Soccer League and, importantly, we pride ourselves at providing a quality Travel program at half the price of others in the area.

To Reserve a slot for the tryouts please click this link:  SCSL Tryout MySignup

Applicable for Boys and Girls ages 7 – 12 on Aug 1, 2014

Try-outs for the 2013/14 Season will be held on Friday April 25, 2014 from 4pm to 6pm, at East Amwell School. All comers are welcome, both boys and girls, born between   8/1/2001 and 7/31/2007.

All current team members are asked to attend the try-outs. SCSL will build on existing teams and form new teams depending on try-out attendance. As well as our Girls Travel teams, girls are also welcomed on our Boys Travel teams (and have recently starred in two flight winning teams in the Boys League).

President                               Regina Skrebel
Travel Coaches                      Jim Sutton, Jon Powers, Howard Young
Travel Coordinator                 Jon Powers:    Phone (609) 902 2244            powersj2n@gmail.com


Spring Soccer Registration Open

The 2014 Spring Soccer season is upon us.  To register click here or click the Image to the right to get started.

Spring soccer will begin in the first weeks of April for Recreation and mid March for our travel Teams.

SCSL Summer Camp - Keep the date!
The SCSL Summer Camp is on schedule for the week of August 11th for summer 2014.

South County Soccer League Night - Red Bull Arena

East Amwell School / Municipal Field Parking
Parents please do not park on the grass area at the East Amwell School - only park in designated parking spots. Please set the example - otherwise our competitor parents park on the grass too! We utilize the far parking lot at the municipal building first. Some Saturdays and Sundays the township will have activities schedule and we need to be as considerate as possible.

Parents - Important Information Before You Purchase Cleats!
Soccer Cleats are different then cleats for other sports. They do not employ a 'toe' cleat on the front leading edge. To ensure you purchase the proper kind of cleats we recommend that you read our primer on soccer cleats. There is more to it then you might think...Read More.

SCSL Rain Policy
We are sometimes asked - will games be played in the rain? The answer is - it depends. If a game is in progress and a shower comes over, we may press on and hope that it will pass. The referees are responsible for gauging the safety of play and making a call as to whether conditions are safe enough to continue.

Rain cancellations are managed through the website. If in doubt, check the sites home page for a weather bulletin. Coaches, Referees, Parents and even other teams come to the website for weather cancellation information.

As a rule SCSL will not attempt to start games when rain is steady at game start time. We will not start games when rain is imminent either. We are a recreation league. There is no pressure to complete games exactly as scheduled and we have provisions to schedule makeup games as needed. SCSL has to to consider the impact to the fields at all times and we consult directly with representatives of the East Amwell Recreation committee when making decisions on cancellations. We also think that it is common sense from a comfort standpoint not to make parents sit outside in the rain for up to an hour as games can be rescheduled. Of course we talk about comfort, and protecting fields, but safety is the number one reason that we would refrain from pushing through on a wet field. One last thought is that we have a lightning policy also. You can bet that if there is a thunder and lightning storm in the area or imminent we will call off any scheduled session.

Lightning AUTOMATICALLY suspends in play activities for a minimum of 20 minutes. Every flash resets this 20 minute clock. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!